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Microbe-Lift Dechlorinator Plus

Microbe-Lift Dechlorinator Plus

Microbe-Lift Dechlorinator Plus is the Ultimate in Water Conditioning. Microbe-Lift Dechlorinator Plus will instantly dechlorinate and detoxify your pond water.

  • Will not harm fish or plants.
  • Highly concentrated for maximum dechlorination, detoxification, and water conditioning
  • Instantly neutralizes chlorine, chloramines, chlorine dioxide, copper and other heavy metals without scavenging oxygen as other dechlorinators do
  • Contains 2 slime-coat ingredients and electrolytes for stres

Microbe-Lift Dechlorinator Plus neutralizes chlorine and breaks the chloramine bond while not scavenging oxygen as other dechlorinators do.

It will also render toxic polllutants harmless (including iron, copper, lead, zinc and free iodine). Contains a pH buffer, two slime coats ingredients and added electrolytes for stress reduction in fish.

  • 16 oz. bottle treats up to 960 gallons
  • 32 oz. bottle treats up to 1,920 gallons
  • 1 gallon bottle treats up to 11,520 gallons
Item #: DECHL16
Microbe-Lift Dechlorinator Plus - 16 oz.

Our Price: $ 12.10
Item #: DECHL32
Microbe-Lift Dechlorinator Plus - 32 oz.

Our Price: $ 18.62
Microbe-Lift Dechlorinator Plus - 1 Gallon

Our Price: $ 54.08
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